To assure all children are given the opportunity to an education and reward them with a deserving holiday party.



In Fall we have our “Santa’s Toy Drive”, throughout the year the children are encouraged to complete the school year with good grades. In December we host an event where we reward Honor Roll Students with medals, host a party full of games and prizes, and where Santa Claus hand delivers a toy to each child by name.

In Spring we have our “Dental & Hygiene Project”, We travel with a group of Dentists, Doctors and volunteers to assist children with Dental Care, Deworming, and Lice treatment. 


ISummer we have our “Back to School” project, we will distribute backpacks, school supplies and Uniforms for the upcoming school year. (School Year: February-November)

In Winter we have our "Corazon de Libros: Book Drive. we collect childrens books for our  small school  libraries



Throughout the year The Glo Foundation collects donations and distributes clothing & shoes to children in rural areas of Honduras.


Our Beliefs  

A good, solid education is what molds the minds of children and puts them on a path to success for the rest of their lives. Poverty and lack of education go hand and hand, and if other countries recognize this and invest in education, it will benefit both the children and the world they grow into. - Taylor Schaefer ​​

The Glo Foundation was formed in 2010. It was established with the hope that the children of the remote villages in Honduras would not feel forgotten or discriminated against for being poor.

​As a child who grew up in similar conditions, I was able to persevere. It is now my dream to give back and allow these children to reach for a better future.

I believe this cause is worth fighting for, and i hope for your support!

Gloria Sierra


Our Goals

Short Term:

  • 2016 Goal: Provide Dental & Hygiene Care to 600 Children

  • 2016 Goal: Provide backpacks, school supplies, and uniforms to over 400 students through 21 villages 

  • 2016 Goal: Provide toys to over 1,000 children this December.

Long Term:

  • Help the 13 percent of children in Honduras that have limited access to education.

  • Build Schools  & Homes for needed families

  • Educate children about the importance of education and charity work.

Our Story

       We help innocent and deprived children celebrate Christmas along side Santa Claus by providing new toys, school supplies and medicine in remote, mountainous, forgotten villages in Honduras.


        We have a simple mission: We want to make sure no child feels forgotten and most importantly has the opportunity to get educated. Through the year we help the children from remote villages by providing necessary school supplies, medicine, Dental Care, clothes and shoes.  At the end of the year we  reward them with joy & happiness of the holiday season by hosting a big Christmas party where Santa comes bearing gifts by name of each child present.

What We're Doing